who's behind ia

Intercultural Adventures founder, Dr. Whitney Sherman is an experiential learning junkie. A study abroad expert and life-long explorer, Whitney is addicted to adventures.

It all started in high school when Whitney spent five consecutive summers volunteering as an ESL teaching assistant in Bulgaria, Romania, and Poland. Upon graduating from college, Whitney took a gap year to teach English yet again in a tiny port town in France. When she wasn't teaching 75 third graders, she traveled throughout Europe and North Africa both independently and with friends she met along the way.

Ultimately, it was time to return to the classroom--this time as a student. Once stateside, Whitney studied and received her master's degree in International Educational Development. While in graduate school, she once again returned to the nomadic lifestyle. This time it was French-speaking West Africa, where she interned for an educational organization in Niger. 

After Niger, Whitney was determined to transform her wanderlust into a successful career in international education. For close to a decade, she has directed study abroad, internships, and international admissions for two elite research universities. In 2016, she received her Doctorate in Educational Leadership with a concentration in Educational Psychology from the University of Southern California, where her dissertation focused on assessing intercultural learning for students on a study abroad program in Nepal.

Whitney’s expertise centers on risk management, program accountability, and experiential learning best practices. She has traveled to 30+ countries and five continents to visit, vet, and evaluate over 50 volunteer, internship, and academic programs.

Whitney really ‘got me’ and my vision for my upcoming trip. I feel prepared and ready to move to Bali with my family!
— Liah, B., Life Coach, Paris, France

As a high school teacher - I recommend working with Intercultural Adventures to all of my students and parents who are considering international travel as a part of their educational experience.
— High School Faculty Member, Knoxville, TN