my approach to working with clients: 

I stand for promoting ethical, sustainable travel where individuals successfully integrate into the local culture while understanding their roles as respectful guests in the country. I advocate for slow, immersive travel where my clients traverse beyond the boundary of a tourist and become temporary locals.

In strengthening intercultural learning efforts among institutional clients, my teaching style adopts elements of experiential learning while reinforcing content and curriculum inside the classroom. My trainings are relevant, fun, and powerful (or so I've been told!).

Intercultural experiences create the space where meaningful learning occurs

To survive in our interconnected, information-age world, I believe as educators, all of our teaching should aim to impart onto students the knowledge, cultural awareness, and content expertise to successfully function across cultures.

Learning is not innate. Profound learning must be fostered, intentionally guided, and procured.

I am enthralled with the power that intercultural dialogue can have in fostering deep respect and mutual understanding. To step outside of your comfort zone is to truly be a human, whether you are volunteering or interning in a foreign country or you are a veteran teacher trying out new, culturally inclusive curriculum that makes you question your own culture, beliefs, and identity.

I believe that in participating in experiences where we are challenged emotionally, intellectually, and even physically, we gain so much more than just having a great vacation or trip abroad. Through travel, we invoke empathy and tolerance while enabling our holistic growth as human beings.  

It’s not about how many countries you’ve checked off on your bucket list or how many foreign languages you speak. It’s about the learning moments where you are surrounded by individuals totally different than you--you are uncomfortable one moment but loving the next.

I am here to help guide these experiences. I am your intercultural teacher, coach, and trainer.

Yours in wanderlust,

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.
— Nelson Mandela

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