Intercultural Adventures works with individual and institutional clients to assess global learning initiatives and determine organizational challenges. From educator trainings to global learning curriculum development, consulting is provided through one-time trainings and workshops or on a more long-term basis. Inquire here for more information.

for educators


Recent Topics Include:

• The Gap Year Phenomenon: Encouraging Alternative Learning  Experiences

• Applying to College Abroad 101

• Cultivating Your Global Skill Set

• Intercultural Competence Training & Assessment

• Intro to Study Abroad for Middle/High Schoolers

• Experiential Learning Best Practices

This 2-hour workshop is for high school college counselors and college admission consultants who want a better understanding of how to help their students plan a gap year. Meeting one-on-one either in person or via videoconferencing, you'll get comprehensive support on how to best advise your students as they consider taking a gap year. 

college counselors: INtro to gap year advising and planning

More and more high school students are eager to learn about the possibilities of taking a gap year. Speaking engagements are available within relevant courses, college counseling events, or school-wide assemblies. Discussions are tailored to the student demographic, time allotment, and any relevant academic focus at hand.  

Guest lectures and speaking engagements on gap years
at area schools